Logo & Identity Design

logo-identity250x220At Koh Tao Ozone, we not only design amazing websites but can help you with a brand new logo and overall business identity. Having a custom logo is essential in defining your business in today's competitive market!

Creating a custom logo for your business is a process, and takes time. There are 3 steps in designing the perfect logo for you:

  • Consultation: The first step to creating a great logo is to consult with you and feel out an approach for a unique logo design to represent you and your business. Our graphic designers also take into consideration your industry and target audience.

  • Creation: Our designers will begin the creative process of designing your business logo to give you a distinctive look to brand your business within your industry. Revisions are also involved in the  process to ensure top quality and satisfaction.

  • Completion: After the logo is finished, we will send you various formats of the company logo and artwork to have available for all of your business needs, such as business cards, print materials or digital advertisement material.